Tea shop at Chickpet


Chickpet is another place in Bangalore, where people buy stuffs for whole sale rates. Vendors from variuos places in and around Bangalore comes here to sell their goods. Though I have heard a lot about it, never been there any time. It’s near to Bangalore’s biggest bus station, the Kempegowda Bus Station also known as Majestic Bus Station A very busy place, lots of city buses, inter state buses comes here. Bangalore city railway station is very close adding more crowd.

Walked down the main roads till I could find something interesting and ended up near by a mosque. There were a lots of other small shops too. Majority of the people who live there are Muslims and the shops also had an Islamic look.

View from a tea shop. Mohammad Jaffar, waiting for the customers with lots of Khajer and biscuits. Just starting up a day.

Never thought I would find an old style tea shop where they give, biscuits for Re.1 and where the shop keeper listens to old Hindi songs in his cassette player in this metropolitan city. Though the majority see the changed world, there is a part in this big world, where the people still follow the old style. He gave his address and asked for a copy of this photo… Need to send it soon..

Found this customer while returning from Mr.Mohammad’s shop. His eyes were sharp. Than his eyes, it’s the colour of the muffler scarf which got my attention. He was sipping his tea slowly and talking to his friend. I just stood there for sometime looking here so that they will stop their conversation for a moment and I could ask for a photograph. As soon as I asked he gave a smile, kept the glass aside looked at the camera while his friend was passing comments.


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