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K.R Market – a place known to every one in Bangalore. It’s the biggest market here. Its more towards the unclean areas of Bangalore where you will find garbage, shops, people, dogs, cattle, buses etc etc in the same place. Its crowded, stinky and you should be very careful on every step because you don’t […]

Splash screen is that ‘short-lived’ form that shows up while opening the most of the applications. It normally contains the product name, credits, version etc. Such splash screen can be added to your delphi applications easily. This is how you can do it. Create a new project in Delphi. A new form named form1 will […]

It’s not uncommon to find people with a DSLR these days. Few years back it was not affordable to common people and big brands like Canon and Nikon have introduced a wide range of entry-level DSLRs which is almost similar to high-end point and shoot cameras. It is good to think a few things before […]