Chickpet is another place in Bangalore, where people buy stuffs for whole sale rates. Vendors from variuos places in and around Bangalore comes here to sell their goods. Though I have heard a lot about it, never been there any time. It’s near to Bangalore’s biggest bus station, the Kempegowda Bus Station also known as Majestic Bus Station A very busy place, lots of city buses, inter state buses comes here. Bangalore city railway station is very close adding more crowd.

Walked down the main roads till I could find something interesting and ended up near by a mosque. There were a lots of other small shops too. Majority of the people who live there are Muslims and the shops also had an Islamic look.

View from a tea shop. Mohammad Jaffar, waiting for the customers with lots of Khajer and biscuits. Just starting up a day.

Never thought I would find an old style tea shop where they give, biscuits for Re.1 and where the shop keeper listens to old Hindi songs in his cassette player in this metropolitan city. Though the majority see the changed world, there is a part in this big world, where the people still follow the old style. He gave his address and asked for a copy of this photo… Need to send it soon..

Found this customer while returning from Mr.Mohammad’s shop. His eyes were sharp. Than his eyes, it’s the colour of the muffler scarf which got my attention. He was sipping his tea slowly and talking to his friend. I just stood there for sometime looking here so that they will stop their conversation for a moment and I could ask for a photograph. As soon as I asked he gave a smile, kept the glass aside looked at the camera while his friend was passing comments.


K.R Market – a place known to every one in Bangalore. It’s the biggest market here. Its more towards the unclean areas of Bangalore where you will find garbage, shops, people, dogs, cattle, buses etc etc in the same place. Its crowded, stinky and you should be very careful on every step because you don’t know on what you would be stepping on! I always wanted to visit this place just because I have heard enough of this but never experienced. Its been so long in Bangalore and it’s not fair to say I havent seen the famous KR Market. So on a sunday in April I took my camera and went to KR Market. I just wanted to explore the area and to click a few photos too. It took around 40mins to reach there and since I didn’t have any particular place to visit I just started roaming around the KR Market seeing the shops around.

Voice from the cornerGarland maker

Thought it will be a better idea to reach a little higher point where I can have an over all view. Saw a red multistoried building in . Standing there on the first floor had a nice view of the market. Could see people of every age from every part of the society. You can see rich fat ladies carrying big bags of loaded stuffs on one side and on the other side people from the lower class of the society either selling show pieces or begging to survive the ‘present’ day.I took out the camera and started to click. And suddenly from the another corner of the same floor I heard someone’s voice “OYE!”, it was quite dark there and I never thought there was someone else on the same floor other than me. Went near and I could see a man who was making garland. He just wanted to see the camera and that’s why he called me there. Took a few photographs of him, showed him the same. Aha, he gave a nice smile. Then again I went back to my position seeing the busy market and busy people out there.

The Bangle seller

Bangle Seller Down by the road side, there was a bangle- seller, an old lady who had a good stock of bangles around her. That would have been her profession for long. Who knows. Like most the old folks, even she was chewing pan. She had a customer who had someone to accompany her. They sat near the bangle-seller in the Indian way of sitting, and selected the colours she liked. The bargaining was happening while selecting the colours itself, I could hear the voice rising up, so I guessed so. Finally she selected a bunch of bangles. I thought that’s all over. No it wasnt. The bangle-seller took the bangles and started to put it on the customer’s hand. That was a painful scene! Either the bangles were small or her hand was big, it didn’t go smoothly. I should say that she almost cried because of the pain. But still, she knows, though it pains now, once it is all done she would look pretty. So she didn’t have any complaint. After it was done she looked at the new bangles, paid the amount and left. The seller kept on chewing the pan, waiting for the next.

A walk with Subhash.

There I found a kid of 12 – 14 years old staring at me. As soon I saw him he just ran towards me. I literally got scared and took the camera in hand that was just kept on the parapet. I couldn’t find him friendly on the first sight. He spoke Tamil and Kannada and I don’t know these languages well but I can understand if its is spoken slowly though not completely. He asked whether I am from any newspaper, why I am taking photos etc I replied him with my lame Tamil, don’t know whether he understood but still Subhashhe seemed to be satisfied with my answers. Then he asked “Ennude photo edukka mudiyuma?” I said, oh yes!. He posed I clicked. He was happy to see the photo in the cam. Then I climbed the stairs down and started walking and even he accompanied me. I don’t know him, I don’t know what is his intention after all I couldn’t make out why he is coming along with me. I tried to tell him, its ok i can manage here for which he replied “Anna…Naanum vare” meaning I will also come. He will also come? To where? Then I thought ok, lets see… asked him his name he said “Subhash”. And we started to roam around the places.

Speaking with him wasnt that difficult. I got to know that he is studying in seventh standard. He is a Bangalore born Tamilian. It was his summer vacation and he was doing what guys do normally, roaming around but that day he got me for a company that’s all… I was taken to all the small narrow roads there without him I wouldn’t have seen those and no one would have told me the stories related to each places and what happens in each place. He pointed to one garbage dumbing area where there is an electric post in the middle of all the garbage. There were a lot of cattle searching for food (yeah it’s a common scene here) among those garbage and it seems a few months back an electric line got cut and it fell in that garbage causing the death of all the cattle which were there at that time.

We walked among the crowed and by the side of the road there was a guy who was selling toys. There was a quite big battery operated aeroplane which caught his attention. He went near and started gazing at it. That just took me back into memories for a moment, when I saw such a plane in a shop in Kerala. I was a little more younger than Subhash and me and my father were about to cross the road. When I looked back I saw aeroplanes…! wow !! My father was holding my hand and just before I could show him the plane, it was time to cross the road and while crossing the road also my eyes were stuck on that aeroplanes. There was a yellow tractor too. Subhash got so curious and picked up some small toy and suddenly the shop owner scolded him thinking, he was some street guy and I told its ok he is with me. The shop owner said sorry and Subhash gave a nice smile. It was too hot and we went to have something to drink I offered him a juice. For some reason I felt happy seeing the way he drank the moosambi juice tasting each sip. It’s really good if you can be happy for even the smallest things that come across.

Chor Bazar.

Next he took me to Sunday bazar and he explained it will be there only on Sundays and it is also known as Chor bazar. These are road side shops. It was for the first time I got a chance to see this famous Chor Bazar. You can buy anything ranging from old Dove bottles to computers. I could find video game cartridges, washing machines, processors, hard disks, Mp3 players of all kinds, pen drives what not! The first stall I saw was interesting ChorBazarShop. They were selling Kingfisher Airline’s headphones, towels, ear plugs. Not only that they had pouches of Lufthansa and many other international flights. Wonder how do they manage to get all these so much in number. They had small tooth brushes, shampoos and all other cosmetic items one can get from an airline. And the lowest price i could quote on a Lufthansa’s pouch was Rs.30. Subhash was bargaining so well in Kannada. We walked again, lots and lots of shops where on both the sides of the road. Reports say that 380,000 tonnes of electronic waste is generated annually in India. Processing of E-Waste is always expensive and so the developed countries send these wastes to developing countries and we one among them happily importing the waste.

No, not only electronic wastes, you can find old magazines, coins currencies and other similar stuffs. Wanted to buy old indian coins which they had but can’t say how genuine it will be. So dropped the plan and just had a look at everything clicked few photos. Seeing both of us sticking to these coins for little long time the shop keepers had a careful watch on both of us. I could feel eyes falling from every directions and since I always prefer to avoid any kinds of risks we just pushed off from there.


It was noon, pretty hot, tired too. Really wanted to have something. But where to find a hotel, can’t expect a good one at least a small one in that area. I asked Subhash from where can I get Ootta (meals). He said “ba anna..” meaning “come bro..” and took me in front of a small room that facing the road. Yeah what I had asked for was food, and to where I was  taken to was a  place where I can get food. It was a very small shop, in which hardly 4 can sit on the bench put there. What they were having was hot chicken dum-biriyani. Interesting… The one who served the food was a fat man with a big pot belly. Seeing the steam and smell which I could feel when he opened the lid of that biriyani pot was so tempting. But since it was sunday and next day I had to go to office, I didn’t want to take a risk. I planned not to have from there. I asked Subhash what is his plan and from there he is going to have. He said he will have from his home. I said ok, and pretended as I am entering into the hotel which he showed me and he bid me good-bye and ran off from there. I walked again, and I could find another small tea shop. I had a glass of tasteless tea and some biscuits for lunch.

Caught red-handed.

I didn’t want to go back. Wanted to explore as much I can because don’t know when I will be coming here again. So after the tea I continued lady who shouted at mewalking. I reached to another area of KR Market where there was a big shopping complex and lots of small shops around it. What was sold in that area was mainly vegetables. As I was walking I could see people carrying flowers in big sacks up to the shopping complex.  I wanted to take a shot of the man carrying the sack of flowers and I took a low position almost like sitting by the road side. I just took the camera and I heard another sound “hooooyyy” this time it was little harsh feminine voice. I looked around. Exactly opposite to where I took my position, I could see two eyes of a woman staring at me above, an umbrella, with which she was covering herself. She was selling flowers. She continued “Ye nee pombalegale photo edukkare?” meaning why  you are taking women’s photos? I didnt know what to say at that moment. I said “Newspaper!”. She gave a smile. She asked to take one more photo and she while she was adjusting her sari I clicked one and came off. I climbed the steps to the shopping complex and the one who was carrying the flowers asked me “Yavathu newspaper?”. I said some name and then I asked his name and he said Ayyappa.

The garland makers

Garland MakersGot into the shopping complex. There were lots of shops, people and man’s best friend, dogs. Most of the shops had those things which is used for doing Pooja and prayers. There was a guy who was selling betel leaves and he had arranged it very well. I went to the above floor to where the flowers were all taken to. Could see many small groups of people who were making garlands. The flowers are kept together and each one will pick from it and make the garland. Whole family will be there making it. While their parents make the garland the kids would just play around them.

There I met Anandu and Kannan two friends who were playing around on the sKannan and Ananduame floor. They didn’t have any thing much to ask or say. They didn’t want their photographs to be taken unlike the many other whom I met on that day. They were in their on world, playing games. I just moved to one corner and watched them for a few seconds and I wanted their photograph. There is nothing so great in them. But they were innocent. I went near them holding my camera and yes it worked. Their attention fell on the camera and they came close. The one thing I know to ask in Kannada without any mistakes is “Hesaru Enu?”, what is your name. Kannan and Anandu. Then I asked “Photo?”. They understood what I asked and they posed. In the first click they were little scared with dull faces. I showed them the first photo on the camera and they laughed out of joy. Seeing photo on the spot !. Next they themselves posed with a happy face. This time they asked to show the photo and they gave a better smile. I said bye and moved on they continued the game.

Sleeping In the basket Men who brought the flowers were taking an afternoon nap. Even while sleeping they have to be careful about the basket in which they bring the flowers. So this is how they slept by paying enough care to the basket so that it will not be stolen. People sleep keeping the safe’s key under their pillow, but for these men it’s this basket which helps them to earn money for their daily food. It’s the key for them.

After this I kept the camera back into the bag, walked down the stairs. Reached near the road and the vegetable market was so much crowded that no one can stand there for a second. One will be pushed away from the place he or she stands. Thought of going into the crowed. I got into from one side and I was pushed, without much effort I came to the other side. Had a good ride !

Back home.

Shops are never-ending. It’s still continuing now the Subhash with his momsize of the shops have become very small. There I saw Subhash sitting with a lady by the road side. I came near to them. I think he had told that lady about me and she smiled when he called my “Anna..” . I sat there and he introduced his mom to me. She was chewing pan. I asked “Appa..?” to know what is his father doing and he said he is working in a factory. He was eating watermelon and he offered me one. Then I asked whether I can take a photo of Subhash with his mom and he said ok. His mom looked at him and said “Buttons podu”, put on the buttons. He never bothered to put on the buttons, but adjust it so that it wont look bad. KACHAAK!

By that time I was almost tired and wanted to go back to my room. Said bye to both and walked to the bus station. He also accompanied me till the bus station and he ran back to his mom after the bus left.

Splash screen is that ‘short-lived’ form that shows up while opening the most of the applications. It normally contains the product name, credits, version etc. Such splash screen can be added to your delphi applications easily. This is how you can do it.

  1. Create a new project in Delphi.
  2. A new form named form1 will be created by default with the unit file unit1.pas Let us make this as a splash screen.
  3. Give an appropriate name for the form say SplashScreen.
  4. Design the form by including product logo, changing the BorderStyle and Position properties.
  5. Go to Project / Options and remove SplashScreen from Auto-Create forms. Because we will be creating this form on the fly.
  6. Now add another form to the project. Let this form be the one that shows up after the splash screen. (File / New / Form). A new form named form2 with the unit file unit2.pas will be created.
  7. Open the .dpr file, by selecting View Source in Project menu. It will be shown as follows
program Project1;
 Unit1 in 'Unit1.pas' {SplashScreen},
 Unit2 in 'Unit2.pas' {Form2};
{$R *.res}
 Application.CreateForm(TForm2, Form2);
  1. Add the following statements after the begin keyword
SplashScreen := TSplashScreen.Create(nil);
Application.Initialize;   //already existing.

This will show the form that you have designed with the name SplashScreen

After the Application.CreateForm(TForm2, Form2) add the following statements to hide the splash screen and also to free the object.


After these lines the Application.Run; statement comes and the further forms would shown up. In this case the second form (Form2) will show up. If your application is small, and there is no much resources to get initialised then this splash screen will be closed very fast. You can delay it by introducing sleep() after the SplashScreen.Update.

It’s not uncommon to find people with a DSLR these days. Few years back it was not affordable to common people and big brands like Canon and Nikon have introduced a wide range of entry-level DSLRs which is almost similar to high-end point and shoot cameras. It is good to think a few things before you plan to invest on a DSLR because after spending a huge amount its better not to feel, “oh this wasnt the one I required…”

I would suggest a point and shoot (P&S) camera for those who are impatient, just because of one reason. DSLR cameras would allow you to set the shutter speed, aperture more effectively than in other P&S cameras. To set all these parameters well before clicking one must require a little amount of patience. Professionals who uses their DSLR like a toy will have lots of experience and they can easily understand what are the values that has to be set for the correct lighting situations so that he gets a photograph which is not over or under exposed. Then one can ask, even the DSLRs have an automode which ease the task of setting the values and why cant that be used so that the photographs would be exposed well. If thats the case, go for P&S which will fit in your pocket and take anytime anywhere you want and why spending more on a DSLR ?

Another conern about these DSLRs are its maintenance. It has to be stored well so that the camera body and lenses wont get affected with fungus. And once it shown up in the sensor or the lens it is very unlikely that it wont come again. It is really tough to clean is so well so that there wont remain any spore of fungii which will again grow there inside. In case of P&S you don’t have to worry about taking care of each lenses. I think thats a very good reason to consider P&S for a normal and regualar use.

What are the basic things that has to be cheked before selecting a DSLR ?

Focus motor

If your camera has a auto-focusing motor built-in the body it is well and good. That would be the first and foremost thing that you have to make sure before choosing a model. Why is it so important ? Because, once you start shooting with a normal kit lens say, 18-55mm there is every possibility that one would think that, “No, this doesn’t have enough zoom” and after seeing a few colourful macroshots in flickr one would feel like taking pictures of tiny creatures, pollen grains and other mini wonders around us. So, they will end up in buying new special purpose lenses. Now  the importance of auto focusing motors comes into picture. To allow auto focusing the lenses has to adjust themselves and it is done by this motor. If this motor is present in the camera body, then you can go for cheap lenses that doesn’t have a motor inside. If your camera doesn’t have a motor, then to do auto focusing every lens you buy requires a motor and such lenses would cost much much more.

Cleaning Mechanism

Dust particles on the sensors are another concern of many DSLR users. Some new models come with a self sensor cleaning mechanisms. What it does is, the sensor will be vibrated in a high frequency which will clean the sensor from the dust particles residing on it. Its a good feature to have if it all it can clean the sensor well. I have seen sensors that have become so dusty though it had the cleaning mechanisms. So its better to take special care about this even if you have a camera which has cleaning mechanisms. But it’s always good to have such a feature than not having it!

There are many more features like high speed continuous mode, HD Recording, Movie recording etc. New features are getting added in every new models. Those are all up to the user which one to go for. What I believe is if you know well how to use a manual more in a dslr then no matter which ever model you buy which ever features you have, you will be able to click decent shots.

About sensor size

There are differenent classes of DSLRs. The main two are, DSLRs which have fullframe sensors and DSLRs that have cropped sensors. Let us see how does the sensor size would affect the photographs…

Crop Factor

Full frame cameras have a sensor size equivalent to 35mm film frame. There are certain advantages and disadvantages with the bigger sensor sizes. Full frame cameras can capture the whole image formed on it, that means the angle of view is better in full frame cameras since it covers the entire view. A small portion of the formed image will be lost if the sensor is small as it falls outside the sensor area. So the Field of View (FOV) will be lesser in case of sensors which are not full frames.


Now it is time to introduce the term crop factor. Crop factor is the sensors diagonal size compared with a full frame sensor.  For example, Nikon D40 has a sensor size of 23.7mm x 15.5mm (APS-C sensor). Size of a full frame sensor is 36mm x 24 mm.Crop Factor = Diagonal(36×24) / Diagonal(23.7×14.5) which is equal to 43/28 approximately 1.5. So crop factor of Nikon D40 is 1.5. This is also called as Focal Length Multiplier. When a 50mm lens is used on a APS-C sensor which has a crop factor of 1.5, then it is equal to using a (50×1.5)mm lens on a full frame camera.

Depth of Field

Depth of field is the distance between the nearest and the farthest object in an image. The following two figures will explain it. The image on the left is shot af f/36 and the other at right side is shot at f/5.6 and you can make out the DOF of the first image is deeper than that of the second one.

Depth of Field (DOF) of the over all image is another characteristic that varies based on the sensor size. At a particular F-Stop the focus of the subject reduces as we move out from the centre of the image, so we say DOF will be more on the centre of the image. So when using a non full frame sensor, the area which is not in focused would get cropped and the DOF of that photograph will be better. So lesser the sensor size deeper the DOF will be. But it wont be so obvious in normal cases.